Case Studies

Hear what some of our clients have to say.

"As the Senior Officer on our ITAR Registration, and the person responsible for our IT Department, arguably the biggest win with SafeShare is not trying to maintain our own ITAR Compliant file sharing and storage solution. SafeShare securely stores our ITAR data, allows us to granularly determine sharing levels depending on the end user, and tracks that information for audit purposes."

Cast-Rite has been using SafeShare since February of 2019. What we saw in the demo was an easy-to-use solution, and I’m happy to say that has translated to the instance of SafeShare that we purchased. We haven’t had many issues at all along the way, after implementation we haven’t even needed to use the SafeShare support team. Internal and external adoption was a concern we had going in, as people get set in their ways and tend to be resistant to change. But we have only had one person where this was an issue, and we’ve managed to find ways to get around that, by using some of our other 10 internal users of the system to assist. I was delighted that of the approximately 10 vendors and customers we have provided access to, none have had any problems, issues or concerns sharing and retrieving files.

“I would recommend SafeShare to any organization that needs to be in compliance with ITAR, and am confident the product and company will stand up to that reference.”
– Cary Glover, Cast-Rite Corporation