The Cocoon Data solution for Human Resources

The HR Data Security Gap

Human Resources teams generate all kinds of sensitive unstructured data including documents such as tax filings, criminal background checks, healthcare issues, and compensation details that are not stored in the Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS). Instead, HR personnel store sensitive unstructured data on file servers, SharePoint, and other file sharing platforms either without the knowledge of the information security teams or with the understanding that the HR data is “locked down.”

In reality, employee data is often not secured to the extent that it should be. This lack of controls leaves highly sensitive employee data vulnerable to theft and misuse, resulting in fines for regulatory violations (e.g. GDPR) and other post-breach costs such as identity theft protection for affected employees. Human Resources and Information Technology executives need to understand this issue and take steps to address it.

Prevent Unauthorised Access to Employee Data

Cocoon Data technologies provide the visibility and control required to secure HR and employee data from insider threats and outside attacks. Properly securing HR data means that the business knows where all the unstructured data resides, access to that data is centrally managed, and data is encrypted such that IT and HRIS administrator accounts are not able to decrypt it.